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Canara Lighting came into existence in 1972, initially to find a niche in the broadcasting and film industries with its lighting fixtures. Since then, in a journey that has blossomed across 50 years, Canara Lighting has expanded its business model and become a respected global player in the stage and studio lighting arena.

Today, Canara Lighting has added several verticals to its arsenal, including auditoriums, convention centres and theatres, architectural facades, sports stadiums, sound and light shows, 3D projection mapping, water fountains, as well as laser and holographic presentations. Worldwide, 1000+ installations are functioning under the highest scrutiny and satisfaction of our customers. Canara Lighting frequently participates at important expos and shows worldwide to propagate product and technical knowledge.

Besides being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, Canara Lighting is the biggest, fully integrated manufacturer of studio and stage lighting systems and a complete solution provider in South Asia. Its world-class manufacturing facility, located in Mangalore, India, is spread over 35,000 sq m of industrial land. The integrated manufacturing facility also includes industries A to Z, from consultancy, product design and development to manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales service. Meanwhile, customer support centres are based in multiple locations closer to the customer base to enhance service efficiency.



Innovation Centre

Canara Lighting’s aptly christened innovation centre finds itself based in Mangalore, India, fully equipped and run by specially educated engineers and technicians. These showrunners encompass the fields of illumination engineering, power electronics, PCB design and fabrication, optics, and product design. A state-of-the-art photometry lab provides vital support for product design as well as continuous evaluation, whereas product development and design are facilitated through the use of advanced software at the Design Center. This locale strives for the constant development of new products, upgrades the existing ones, and maps the evolution of future global technology.

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management holds the key to consistent product quality and performance, ensured with continuous monitoring of different production processes. The lighting fixture parameters are regularly monitored at the photometry lab, while each piece of rigging equipment is double-checked for operating parameters and safety operations. This includes determining the safe working load by monitoring at 100% capacity at the purpose-built test tower. Electrical control panels and cable management are thoroughly checked with respect to every specification, including the mandatory endurance testing before dispatch.

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