Adorn Your Stage to Perfection with Drapery & Stagecraft

Drapery & Stagecraft

An often overlooked aspect of larger productions – drapery – can enhance the lighting effects in an auditorium as well as a TV studio ensemble. Stagecraft is just as important for stage lighting and equipment handling, especially for auditoriums. Some of its key features are:

  • In-house design and equipment manufacturing
  • Custom solutions to match client requirements
  • Wide range of products covering TV studios and auditoriums

Types of Drapery & Stagecraft Products

Canara Lighting provides multiple drapery and stagecraft products for auditoriums as well as television studios:

TV Studio Lighting

Black Curtain




Stage Setup


Curtain Track


Light Bar

Wing Ladder

Manual Operated Light Bar with Counter Weight

Light Bar with Counter Weight

Fixed Light Bar