Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Canara’s Architectural Lighting niche uses 3D AutoCAD simulations for devising illumination solutions for buildings as well as customized control software for innovative facades. We take care of everything from proposals, planning, and execution to manufacturing, installation, and personnel training. Some of the key features of our Architectural Lighting division are:

Some of Canara Lighting’s key features for auditorium lighting include:

  • Comprehensive solutions that include façade lighting, sound, and light show.
  • Lighting fixtures and electric panels that are designed and manufactured in-house.
  • Environment-friendly products and lower power consumption.
  • Our professional, corporate approach, fastest response time in the industry, and customer support centers all over the country.


Canara’s Architecture Lighting includes the manufacture, distribution, and installation of immaculately tested products like:


How does Canara Lighting ensure its products are of the highest quality?

Canara Lighting’s fixtures are meticulously tested under rigorous conditions, and the key parameters are monitored at the photometry lab regularly. Each rigging equipment is checked for operating parameters and safety operations including safe working load by 100% monitoring at a specially created test tower.

Are Canara Lighting products recognized by any official international standards? If so, which?

Yes, Canara Lighting products come with the highest credibility owing to the ISO 9001 & 14001 certification, CE certification, and the BIS certification for its lighting fixtures.

How is one supposed to know which products/solutions are correct for a particular architectural requirement?

Aside from grade-A products and immaculate services ranging from technical proposals. Installation, training, and after-sales services, Canara Lighting employs expert consultants in the architecture space to guide you with your requirements.

Learn more about Canara Lighting’s encompassing architecture lighting solutions that light up a building’s facade.

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