Sports Stadium

Sports Stadium

With Canara Lighting’s Sports Stadium consultants, get precise lighting designs for your indoor and outdoor stadiums, according to requirements as well as complete support to illuminate a sporting arena.

Canara Lighting’s Sports Stadium vertical manufactures and distributes highly tested products like:
  • Comprehensive turnkey solutions for regional, national, and international level stadiums.
  • Excellent track record across a range of sports played in different stadiums.
  • High equipment reliability and service for fixtures, control panels, cables, and generators.


Canara’s Auditorium Lighting manufactures and distributes finely-tuned and tested products like:


How does Canara Lighting ensure its products are of the highest quality?

Canara Lighting’s fixtures are meticulously tested under rigorous conditions, and the key parameters are monitored at the photometry lab regularly. Each rigging equipment is checked for operating parameters and safety operations including safe working load by 100% monitoring at a specially created test tower.

What type of services does Canara Lighting provide to sports stadiums?

Aside from the Grade-A products, Canara Lighting takes on complete responsibility for providing the technical proposal, manufacturing of luminaries, grid systems, controllers, installation, testing, and training of the engineering team and after-sales service.

What type of lighting fixtures are used in a sports stadium?

A floodlight is a high-intensity, broad-beamed artificial light. They are frequently used to illuminate outdoor playing fields when an outdoor sporting event is hosted in low light. In live performances such as concerts and plays, more focused types of lights are used.

Are Canara Lighting products recognized by any official international standards? If so, which?

Yes, Canara Lighting products come with the highest credibility owing to the ISO 9001 & 14001 certification, CE certification, and the BIS certification for its lighting fixtures.

Check out how Canara Lighting’s all-inclusive solutions can assist an international sporting arena.

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