Auditorium Lighting

Auditorium Lighting

With precise and efficient lighting solutions that enhance the show and create the right moods, Canara Lighting prides itself as an excellent provider of lighting fixtures and rigs, as well as stagecraft design, drapery. We power some of India’s most popular auditoriums.

Some of Canara Lighting’s key features for auditorium lighting include:

  • Safe, customer-friendly operations and fixtures with long service life.
  • World-class knowledge and capabilities for designing complex lighting systems
  • In-house stagecraft and fabric stitching facilities
  • One of the safest, most unique workload testing facilities in the country.


Canara’s Auditorium Lighting manufactures and distributes finely-tuned and
tested products like:


Control System




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How does Canara Lighting ensure its products are of the highest quality?

Canara Lighting’s fixtures are meticulously tested under rigorous conditions, and the key parameters are monitored at the photometry lab regularly. Each rigging equipment is checked for operating parameters and safety operations including safe working load by 100% monitoring at a specially created test tower.

What type of services does Canara Lighting provide to auditoriums?

Canara Lighting is an excellent provider of lighting fixtures and rigs, as well as stagecraft design, and drapery, powering some of India’s most popular auditoriums.

What is the difference between an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and a trading company?

Original Equipment Manufacturers, as the name suggests, are the original manufacturers of equipment rather than trading companies who simply act as intermediaries. Canara Lighting is an OEM, and this means our products are well-tested, trusted, and we provide accountability for them.

Are Canara Lighting products recognized by any official international standards? If so, which?

Yes, Canara Lighting products come with the highest credibility owing to the ISO 9001 & 14001 certification, CE certification, and the BIS certification for its lighting fixtures.

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