Motorised Lighting Batten

MOTORIZED LIGHTING BATTEN/TELECLIMBER combines innovative design with thehighest standards of construction and ease of installation for payloads up to 160Kg. Motorized Teleclimber incorporates the luminaire suspension pipe, the relevant safety switches luminaire power outlet, and a worm geared motor raising and lowering the unit. To reduce the costs of the site installation and simplify it, the Hoist is supplied with pre-mounted structure to which the four wire ropes, the flip-flop power cable tray and electrical terminal box are already attached.



Electric Motor : 1.1kW / 1.5kW 3 Phase AC Motor with DC Brake
Self Weight : > 120 kg
Safe Working Load : 160kg
Batten Length: 2 – 5 Meter Ø48mm OD Pipe (Customizable as per site requirements)
Max Travel Distance :  up to 15 Meter
Lift speed : 5 – 6 Meter / Minute
Height control: Multi-turn encoder
Minimum Collapse Height : 1.2 Meter
Outlet Option: 2: x XLR 5 pin DMX, 4 x CEE 16A, 1 x RJ45
Safety : Two safety micro switches each for the Top and the Bottom limit
Lifting cable : 4mm diameter galvanized steel cable.
Finish : Epoxy polyester powder coated matte finish
Control type : DOL (Standard approach). VFD (Optional)
Control System : Remote Control Panel / HMI touch screen / Wireless.

Product Features

  • Modular and easy to install.
  •  All safety switches located on the
  • Motor Winch Unit for fast and economic installation.
  • Ideal for studio lighting.
  • Video and audio connections optional
  • Slack wire detection
  • Overload protection
  • Over travel limits
  • Adjustable operating limits.
  •  Thermal motor protection.
  • Preset Position & Safety Monitoring
  • Travel: up to 15 m