Teleclimber TV Studio

We innovate continuously to improve specifications, design, manufacturing techniques etc. hence technical data and offerings are subject to change without prior notice. Individual test results may vary. Results based on a representative sample in Canara inventory. Motorized Teleclimber combines innovative design with the highest standards of construction and ease of installation for payloads up to 200Kg. Motorized Teleclimber incorporates the luminaire suspension pipe, the relevant safety switches luminaire power outlet, and a worm geared motor raising and lowering the unit. To reduce the costs of the site installation and simplify it, the Hoist is supplied with pre-mounted structure to which the four wire ropes, the flip-flop power cable tray and electrical terminal box are already attached.



  • Electric Motor : 0.5kW / 0.75kW / 1.1kW /1.5kW, 3 Phase AC Motor with DC Brake
  • Gear Box : Specially designed single stage worm reduction
  • Self Weight : > 145 kg
  • Safe Working Load : 80 kg to 200kg
  • Max Travel Distance : upto 13 Meter (Higher travel distance will be provided based on request)
  • Lift speed : 5 to 7 Meter / Minute (Speed options will be provided based on request)
  • Minimum Collapse Height : 1.4 Meter
  • Safety : Two safety micro switches for the Top and the Bottom limit, Slack wire safety, Over load protection
  • Lifting rope : 4 Nos 4mm diameter GI ropes
  • Finish : Epoxy polyester powder coated in matt texture finish
  • Control : DOL with forward and reverse control (Standard approach )
  • Optional Control : VFD / Wireless / HMI / Hand-held Pendent / Soft start-Soft stop
  • Winch Length : 2 Meter to 5Meter (Customizable as per site requirements)

Product Features

  • EFFICIENCY AND OPERATING COSTS : The Self Climbing hoist is ideal for the raising and lowering of lighting instruments along with their associated circuits and dimmers. The ability to lower the lighting batten to any positions within the set area, increases the efficiency of the operations by allowing easy access to the lighting instruments for aiming, focusing and the handling of the lighting fixtures, This product can be either installed in permanent fixed positions directly to the I-beam sub-structure of the building, or to any supporting grid
  • MECHANICAL : A special frame maintains a clear separation between the moving parts (mechanical elements in motion), like steel ropes, winding discs, diverter pulleys, load sensor mechanisms) and the electrical components (electrical wiring, motor switch-gears, safety micro switches, electrical and data sockets, travel limit device). The separation of these elements allows maintenance procedures to be performed safely and the electrical components maintained in a clean environment
  • Certifications : CE